The Humane Society of Midland County has placed over 15,000 pets since it opened its doors in 2011. This year alone, we have rescued and reunited more than 850 pets in loving homes. We would like to share some of the stories that have touched our hearts this year.

We hope you find these "tails" enlightening and heartwarming. We hope they induce you to consider adopting a rescue of your own. We also hope they encourage you to contribute to the animals in our care to help offset their medical and boarding expenses.

September 2017

With all of the devastation in the news, we want to share a story with a happy ending. The star of this "Tail" is Shopan.

At 11-years-old Shopan was surrendered by her owners, with no explanation. She had fleas and a severe skin allergy and had scratched her tail, rear, and legs so badly she the skin was bald and visibly raw.

shopan before

HSoMC took her in and began to treat her wounds. The shelter made her nervous and she was placed in a foster home to heal.

Shopan's foster parents discovered that she was eager to please. Her skin healed and fur grew back. Shopan now has her spunk back. She loves running, chasing, snuggling squirrels, and napping.

She was adopted and has been in her new home for about six weeks.

shopan after

Check out this video of Shopan learning some new tricks!

This is a common story. Dogs and cats are surrendered by their owners or abandoned every week in Midland County. It is because of your support that HSoMC can rescue and place them in new, loving homes. Visit our Donation page to continue making a difference.

September 2017

Updated October 2017

Bernadette is a 6 year old cat who arrived at HSoMC as a stray. Bernadette came to HSoMC as a stray. She had clearly been someone's pet, as she is spayed and 4-paw declawed. The beautiful, sweet cat was quickly adopted.

However, she was quickly returned to the shelter because she had become aggressive and was chewing the fur from her legs.


An x-ray showed that her claws had begun to regrow into the tissue in her paws into calcifications and deformities. This was causing her tremendous pain--to the point where she was lashing out at those attempting to care for her. Generous donors gave to HSoMC and Bernadette got her reconstructive surgery.

An amazing vet in the Detroit area, Dr. Dyer, was able to perform a salvage surgery on all of her paws to remove those boney chunks and re-attach tendons. Within hours of surgery, Bernadette was much more comfortable.  Now 3 weeks post-op, she is affectionate and loving again. She likes her cheeks scratched and gives regular headbutts and purrs.

bernadette surgery

Thank you for all you do to support HSoMC and the animals of our community.

To support companions like Bernadette, please consider becoming a sustaining monthly donor. When you sign up to become a new sustaining monthly donor you'll receive a special edition t-shirt and will help ensure HSoMC is able to supply all our animals with the medical care they deserve.

Thank you!

July 2017

Maddie was surrendered to the shelter with another dog. It soon became apparent that she could not walk properly. She had a severe ear infection, facial degeneration, and lesions on her spine. The vet estimated a 6-month life expectancy. After an ear ablation, one of the HSoMC staff members adopted Maddie and took her to live out her last days. 


This was almost four years ago. Maddie still experiences the effects of the lesions on her spine (muscle tightening, muscle atrophy, and decrease in coordination), but the sweet pup is a loving member of the family. Maddie loves to eat, meander about the dog park, and snuggle up with new foster animals. 

Thank you for your support. It allows us to take care of special cases like Maddie.

October 2017


This is one of the most common problems we see. A dog will come in with patches of fur missing and tender, irritated skin. Many times it is an allergy to fleas or other pests. Patience is an 8-year-old Border Collie Mix that came in on September 7. A loving family took her home a few days later.