“Spokesbird” Mascot - Tango


2017 catbird mascot tango

Melanie and Jim are the proud parents of Tango, a beautiful five-year-old Jenday Conure parrot who is the 2017 HSOMC mascot and “spokesbird” for homeless cats. Tango is brightly colored with feathers in shades of green, yellow, orange and blue. He is quite chatty but only a few words are recognizable - he will say “night night” when he's tired and ready for bed.

Tango is quite a character with a dynamic personality, and he loves hanging out with his “flock"! Tango's favorite places to hang out are on top of Melanie's head or snuggled inside Jim's shirt, with just his head peeking out at the neck. Tango also gets along great with his brother Ruger, the family’s 100-pound chocolate lab. He has even been known to catch a ride on Ruger's back from time to time. Both Ruger and Tango are great travelers and love to go to the family cottage up north - either by car or by air in Jim's
airplane. When the family does fly, Tango clearly takes on the co-pilot role to make sure Jim is doing a good job piloting!

Tango likes to eat fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables and parrot pellets. He loves grapes and berries, but papaya is his favorite. Tango has two cages, a larger one for daytime use, which is full of toys, climbing ropes and perches; and another smaller cage for sleeping. Since Tango is only 5 years old and parrots can live for up to 25-30 years, this “spokesbird” will be around as a lively family member for many years to come.