Since 2011

Dogs 5,188
Cats 8,177
TOTAL 13,365

Totals for 2017
(through April)

Dogs 341
Cats 222

      Total for 2016        (through December)

Dogs 811
Cats 1,245
TOTAL 2,060

2015 Release Rates

 Dog 99% 
 Cat 98% 

Our Mission

"Improving the lives of companion animals”

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Ruger (formerly Cooler) was instantly part of our family the moment we got him home.

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Jaxy (formerly Vlad)

I am sending you some pictures of the fabulous Jaxy! He is so great. He has so much fun at his daycare & is loved by the staff and all the dogs too.

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Benji aka Shere Kahn

Benji is doing well. He settled into our house in just a couple of days. Our older cat took several months to reach the point where she would tolerate Benji. Just in the last week she can be around Benji and not hiss and growl at him. They now share food bowls, water bowls and the litter box so life has become something approaching normal.

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Hi, just wanted to give you a status update on Belle (D.Kelly). She's a very loving, very playful, very very vocal kitty.

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Hi. My name is Sharon and we adopted "Stella", now Abby on Aug. 3. I promised I would send an update and got pretty busy so better late than never. :) Don't know if you'd remember but we drove from Sterling Heights up to Midland to get her. One of the best trips I've ever made.

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Madison (formerly Arlene)

Hi HSoMC, I wanted to let you all know that we feel blessed to have found Madison (formerly Arlene).  We can't thank you enough for keeping this little girl safe until we we were able to find each other.

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I'm happy to share some pictures of Ashlyn whose name is now Elphie (Elf-ee). She is doing great and loves her new apartment life!

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“Excalibur” now Roscoe is doing great! He is full of energy and is a great addition to the family! 

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This is Pearl formally know as Princess. I have had her over a month now, she is a great girl. She loves her new home and her new sister friend, Mya my Chihuahua.

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Mickey and Minnie

I had to email about the kittens we adopted! This is Mickey and Minnie; the kids changed their names!

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He's doing really great and we're so happy to have him as part of our
happy family.

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Myralee, who is now known as Lizzy, is doing great! My daughter and her are like best of friends.

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Brienna and Braylee

The two sisters were adopted together from Soldan's yesterday afternoon. They will be spoiled by a teacher and her two girls. In fact, the woman was mowing her lawn when I dropped them off. As I went to leave, I told her I would let her get back to her mowing. She looked at me and said that mowing would have to wait. She was going to play with two kittens. :-)

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Gavin & Peanut Butter

Gavin & Peanut Butter love their new home and have plenty of room to run and jump around! They are getting along great with our mini doxin Rocko!

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Rufus has made his way into everyone's hearts. We took him with us to petoskey this weekend & even strangers were stopping to say hello to him.

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We appreciate the Humane Society and all that you volunteers do for these animals! I wanted to share a picture of Puddles, who is now named Oliver (Ollie for short). He learned his new name in a just a few days and is so smart and such a great part of our little family.

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We saw a sweet little 3 legged kitty on the website....and his image just stuck with me.  We have a special needs child, so we felt a special needs kitty would fit right into our family.

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I certainly enjoy having Cinnamon in our family.She sure is a fun active little girl and makes sure I get my daily exercise -- Anke

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Written by Diane Tomczak (his adopter)


It wasn’t all hearts and flowers when Bo, a four-year old Maine Coon mix, came to live with my husband and me (and our six-year-old rescued German Wirehaired Pointer, Jaeger).

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Birdie (formerly Sunrise)

Birdie is doing absolutely great. I decided to get a cat after I unexpectedly had to put my dog to sleep in April. As any pet owner knows, that was a very sad a difficult time. I lasted a couple months without a pet, but the house was too quiet. I knew I didn’t want another dog at the time, so I decided on a cat.

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Just wanted to let you all know that "Zeb" (formerly Co-Co) is doing great at his new home, he loves being on the farm and swimming in his pool, playing ball and going for rides in the truck!!!

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Zippy (aka Rasberry Tart)

We are very happy with Zippy (Raspberry Tart)!!  And I think our other cat Buster, loves his little sister also.

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Peter Cottontail

Hi, just wanted to give you an update on Peter Cottontail – we liked the name Pete so we stuck with that. He has settled right in and made himself at home.

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Dusty is now Missy Lou Bailey. She is the love of my life and is a very good girl. She has a kitty sister and they really, really love each other. It took a little time but being they both were not afraid of each other it was just a matter of figuring each other out. They play together and when they are apart they always greet each other with a little smooch and a rub. It really is the most delightful thing.

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We have renamed her "Mya" & absolutely adore her. She has been a great addition to our family.

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