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Dogs 5,188
Cats 8,177
TOTAL 13,365

Totals for 2017
(through April)

Dogs 341
Cats 222

      Total for 2016        (through December)

Dogs 811
Cats 1,245
TOTAL 2,060

2015 Release Rates

 Dog 99% 
 Cat 98% 

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Happy Tails

Happy Tails stories always welcome at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






Myralee who is now known as Lizzy is doing great! My daughter and her are like best of friends. As you will see my daughter likes to dress her up. She is a great addition to our family!   Thank you !










Gavin & Peanut Butter love their new home and have plenty of room to run and jump around! They are getting along great with our mini doxin Rocko! This weekend I will be going to The lumber yard and putting together a nice big cat condo for them! They are the sweetest cats and we are so lucky to have them!! I'm will be sending more pictures later but here is one now of them taking a catnap! :)Thank you again for giving us the best kittens anyone could ask for! We are thrilled to have them!!



 gavin peanut butter


We appreciate the Humane Society and all that you volunteers do for these animals! I wanted to share a picture of Puddles, who is now named Oliver (Ollie for short). He learned his new name in a just a few days and is so smart and such a great part of our little family. He loves going for walks and everyone stops to pet him and he absolutely LOVES it... He is such a happy dog and we can't imagine our lives without him! This picture was taken a few weeks ago when we took a trip to the beach. Ollie is definitely an explorer and wherever we go he loves to run around and sniff anything and everything. 
Thank you, for helping us get our little Ollie! We will always promote adopting dogs (and cats) from the Humane Society :)






I certainly enjoy having Cinnamon in our family.She sure is a fun active  little girl and makes sure I get my daily exercise  ---Anke



Birdie (formerly Sunrise)

Birdie (formerly Sunrise) is doing absolutely great. I decided to get a cat after I unexpectedly had to put my dog to sleep in April. As any pet owner knows, that was a very sad a difficult time.  I lasted a couple months without a pet, but the house was too quiet. I knew I didn’t want another dog at the time, so I decided on a cat. My Mom, Sister and I took a trip to the Humane Society to “just look”. Of all the cats you had, Birdie was the one I couldn’t resist. She is 9 years old and was surrendered by her owners. She was sad, scared and shutting down (imagine how you would feel!). We tried to pet her and pick her up and she wanted nothing to do with us. My heart broke for her. We left and for the next couple days I couldn’t get her off my mind. So I emailed the HS, asked if she was still there and said that I would be in the next day to get her. It took her a while to completely come out of her shell – but now she is free as a bird and such a happy girl. Her favorite places in the house are her cat tree on the sun porch and napping on the foot stool (pictures attached). She has a bit of a weight problem (LOL), but we are working on that because I want her to be around a very long time.


My experience adopting Birdie was very positive. All of the staff and volunteers were kind and professional. I always encourage people to adopt from local shelters, especially senior animals that may not have as many opportunities. Miss Birdie and I thank the HS for helping animals in Midland County get a second chance.


Birdie 1Birdie 2







Zippy (aka Rasberry Tart)

We are very happy with Zippy (Raspberry Tart)!!  And I think our other cat Buster, loves his little sister also.







DUSTY        dusty


Dusty is now Missy Lou Bailey.   She is the love of my life and is a very good girl.   She has a kitty sister and they really, really love each other.  It took a little time but being they both were not afraid of each other it was just a matter of figuring each other out.  They play together and when they are apart they always greet each other with a little smooch and  a rub.   It really is the most delightful thing.  

We are working on our yard boundaries, she only has 3/4 acre and a pond to run around in, but is most interested in what is happening "over there".    She is the sweetest thing ever.   Thanks for all you do.  Susan




Benji aka Shere Kahn 

Benji is doing well. He settled into our house in just a couple of days.  Our older cat took several months to reach the point where she would tolerate Benji.  Just in the last week she can be around Benji and not hiss and growl at him.  They now share food bowls, water bowls and the litter box so life has become something approaching normal.  Benji enjoys curling up in my lap when I relax in my recliner.  He also likes to get into bed with us as we settle down for the night.  He also like to wake us up in the morning.  He also likes to sit on window ledges and watch the birds and squirrels in the yard. He also tries to escape out of the house anytime a door is opened.

In short, Benji has made himself right at home as though he has lived here all his like and we love having him.

  Dave and Mary Ann

                                                        Benji     Benji 4





Hi.  My name is Sharon and we adopted "Stella", now Abby on Aug. 3.  I promised I would send an update and got pretty busy so better late than never.  :)  Don't know if you'd remember but we drove from Sterling Heights up to Midland to get her.  One of the best trips I've ever made.
I have never adopted from a shelter before so I didn't know what to expect.  I think we hit the jackpot.  Abby is amazing.  She is so sweet and loveable - we are blessed to have her.  She was pretty shy at first, basically laying on the loveseat for 3 or 4 days only getting off when we called her to go outside.  Surprisingly, she knew her new name the same day we got her so we wondered if her name wasn't something similar.  She answers to Abigail, or Abby and when we call her she does a little "Abby dance" (happy dance).  When we leave we are greeted with her smile and dance upon our return.  She is soooo happy.  Her coat is nice and healthy and she has put on a little weight. 
Abby gets along great with our cat and our 1 1/2 year old golden, Molly. At first it seemed she didn't know how to play with Molly or anything such as a ball or stuffed toy.  She would shy away when we would throw a toy or ball and also for normal noises such as dishes clanging, people walking or doors closing - normal things dogs would experience and every once in a while she still does.  It seemed as if she didn't understand what "playing" was, or going for walks, or for rides in the car.  She never even barked for over a month and we were beginning to wonder if something was wrong.  When Abby barked for the first time, she ran and hid.  Now, she barks, though not a lot, and she has her toys - her favorite is her nylabone, and will sometimes participate in play, although she still seems somewhat apprehensive.  She shy's away from men but in no way has ever been aggressive towards them or anyone or anything else.  Her favorite thing to do is to lay next to us and have her stomach rubbed or her head patted.  She has come a long way and still does something new every day.  Today, Abby was chasing Molly trying to get Molly to play with her.  It had always been the other way around. 
I don't know there will ever be a dog sweeter than her.  I almost feel bad for whomever lost her, however, if it wasn't for that we wouldn't have been able to adopt her.  I do know if we would have lost her we would have looked forever for her.  She is that special.  Our whole family loves her so much and she is a wonderful addition to our family.  When our 11 year old golden passed away in July, we thought we'd never find another like him.  Although Abby is not Bailey she helps fill in the void that was there with his passing.  Her loving personality is very much like his.  We knew Bailey was dying but tried to hang on to him as long as we could and when we had to let him go, we found Abby.  So maybe things do happen for a reason.  I know that we found a little girl that will always have a place in our hearts.  So thank you for that!
Sharon S.
Stella (right) with her sister Abby



I'm happy to share some pictures of Ashlyn whose name is now Elphie (Elf-ee). She is doing great and loves her new apartment life! Heres some of my favorite pictures of her and also a video. Please feel free to use them wherever you want. I hope you enjoy. I couldn't be more happy I have her and can't imagine my life without her now. Thanks for everything you guys do!

Best Regards,
Deanna S


This is Pearl formally know as Princess. I have had her over a month now, she is a great girl. She loves her new home and her new sister friend, Mya my Chihuahua. Pearl has a very sweet heart and loves chewing on the lavender in her garden. Thanks for all you all do for Midlands orphaned animals.  



He's doing really great and we're so happy to have him as part of our
happy family. Please share and use any of the pictures below on your
Facebook page or society website.

Major spends his days lying under my desk while I work from home or
going on one of his 4 daily walks. If he's not walking or sleeping
he's chasing ground squirrels in the backyard and making sure the
house is protected from any other rodents! He loves going in the car
and he loves playing fetch!

Thanks again for giving us the opportunity to foster him and give him a home.

All the best,


photo 4


Brienna and Braylee

Braylee2The two sisters were adopted together from Soldan's yesterday afternoon. They will be spoiled by a teacher and her two girls. In fact, the woman was mowing her lawn when I dropped them off. As I went to leave, I told her I would let her get back to her mowing. She looked at me and said that mowing would have to wait. She was going to play with two kittens. :-) What really warmed my heart was that she said she couldn't decide between the two of them. All my other inquiries when the pair was at Soldan's was on Brienna the tabby with the big eyes. Everyone else overlooked her black sister Braylee. So, of course she had to take both. :-)




Rufus Rufus has made his way into everyone's hearts. We took him with us to petoskey this weekend & even strangers were stopping to say hello to him.

The dogs get along fine except for one moment. Rufus even walks under her belly, which is pretty funny.
We're so glad we were able to give him a forever home. He's a great companion for my son, especially. He's too cool at twelve (my son) to be very affectionate, except with Rufus. We've decided they have the same birthday since they're both twelve:)
You must miss him given how much we love him already after just two weeks!  He's getting lots of love & spoiling.








We saw a sweet little 3 legged kitty on the website....and his image just stuck with me.  We have a special needs child, so we felt a special needs kitty would fit right into our family.

When we met Ike he was very scared and timid.   He wanted to hide in the back of his cage. 

When his foster mother brought him to our house he immediately tried to hide.   At first he was scared, wouldn't eat, and hid under the couch in our den.....slowly he came around.

He has become such a special part of our family.  He is the most loving boy.  He loves to be held like a baby and he will take all the kisses you have to give and he loves to give kisses back.    I feel he knows that he now has his forever home because he is at such ease.  He is a lover and a rascal.  He loves to run up and tackle our 2 female kitties....just to say hi.  He loves to play.  If it wasn't for his limp you would never know he only as 3 legs.  He gets around as well as our other two kitties.

His foster mother did a wonderful job with him, as nobody really knows what happened to him before he came to HSOMC.

We are so happy that we took a chance on Ike.

Todd and Brenda Hartman

And Zach Swan




Written by Diane Tomczak (his adopter)


It wasn’t all hearts and flowers when Bo, a four-year old Maine Coon mix, came to live with my husband and me (and our six-year-old rescued German Wirehaired Pointer, Jaeger). Although Bo was the friendliest and mellowest cat we had ever known, he unfortunately insisted on using our bedroom comforter and downstairs sofa as his personal litter boxes.


Our vet shared her theory with us. She pointed out that since Bo had a bad case of constipation when we adopted him, his first experience using his litter box was probably a very painful one. Therefore, it was no wonder that Bo associated his litter box with pain and, thus, looked elsewhere.


Once his constipation was cleared up, I bought a new litter box and a different brand of litter, and then I relocated the litter box to a completely new spot.  I set Bo in the box several times daily, and it wasn’t long before he was using it all the time on his own. Happily there have been no more surprises … not a one … and we’re closing in on our one-year adoption date.  I’m so glad that we didn’t give up on Bo as we would have missed out on one terrific cat.


If you’re thinking of adopting an older cat, there WILL be more rewards than you can imagine, but please realize that such rewards won’t happen overnight. However, with lots of patience, professional expertise, and unconditional love, your newest family member will blossom in his forever home. He will fill your heart with his contented purrs and warm your lap on the coldest of nights. He’ll be your constant companion and trustworthy confidant. Who could ask for more?

Bo on rocker 001



Just wanted to let you all know that "Zeb" (formerly Co-Co) is doing great at his new home, he loves being on the farm and swimming in his pool, playing ball and going for rides in the truck!!! He has many new friends and we can't image life without him in it!! Will drop you a line from time to time!!!

Thanks again for everything
Jack & Leann



6 ada9a09acea936d776a6f55c82778c43 sPeter Cottontail

Hi, just wanted to give you an update on Peter Cottontail – we liked the name Pete so we stuck with that. He has settled right in and made himself at home. He is an awesome cat and we love him to pieces! Thanks Cindy, we are so happy Peter found his way into your heart and home.




We have renamed her "Mya" & absolutely adore her. She has been a great addition to our family. I wanted you to know that I took Mya to the vet recently just to make sure everything about Mya was good. I know that the animals are checked by a vet during their stay at the Animal Shelter, but this was just a "2nd opinion" check up. I found out the Mya is not a husky mix, but a Sheba Inu mix. My vet was very impressed. I had never heard of a Sheba Inu until I was at Soldan's purchasing some things for Mya. The clerks there had said the same thing....that Mya was not husky, but Sheba Inu. A neighbor down the street asked me when did I decide to purchase a Sheba Inu. And then 2 customers at the vet thought she was a beautiful Sheba Inu as well as the vet. They showed me pictures of a Sheba Inu breed & it looked just like Mya. So it is confirmed....Mya is a Sheba Inu mix. Whatever she is, she is one of a kind. We love her.


Thank you again for the wonderful service you provide.

The Diamonds & Mya



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