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Dog Rescue Outreach Program (DROP)

The Humane Society of Midland County (HSoMC) has an exceptional placement rate for dogs.   HSoMC is committed to the vision that all pets deserve a loving home.   In support of that the HSoMC Dog Rescue Outreach Program has been established to provide an option for animals outside of Midland County to be surrendered by owners or for approved organizations to request HSoMC to pull dogs are in high euthanasia shelters.      

All requests are dependent on HSoMC having available kennel space and are subject to review and approval by the HSoMC shelter director.  

Owners need to follow the process outlined and are responsible for bring animal(s) to the HSoMC shelter for evaluation and understands that when turning an animal over to HSoMC, they relinquish all rights to ownership of the animal and that HSoMC makes no promise, actual or implied, as to the hold time for the animal and will not share any information about the adoption.  

Rescue organizations that identify animals at other shelters to request evaluation and transfer should follow the same process.

Out of county surrender process
•    Contact HSOMC (email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or call 989-835-1877 to verify kennel availability

•    Complete out of county dog surrender form or transfer request form for each animal

•    Schedule evaluation

•    Finalize surrender or shelter-to-shelter transfer process

Fees:   Altered:   $50/dog             Unaltered:   $75/dog    

Photo ID required